Hi, I’m Edwina


Hi, I’m Edwina

I’ve lived in Paris for 2 years

I speak English and some French

I am Sudent


Hey there! I'm Edwina, your local host in the enchanting city of Paris. My heart beats for this city's rich history and the hidden stories that grace its streets. What sets my soul on fire is unraveling the lesser-known gems, crafting experiences that linger in your heart. When Paris dons its springtime glory, you'll find me amidst blooming wonders, indulging in picnics that transport you to a fairyland. Oh, and let's not forget my secret passages through Saint Germain - Odeon's charm, the timeless allure of Invalides - Gros Caillou, Latin Quartier's mystique - Jardin des Plantes, the vibrant tapestry of Le Marais, and the beating heart of Republique. With me, Paris transforms into an exhilarating journey where each step holds the promise of wonder. So, let's wander, let's explore, and let's fall in love with the Paris that thrives beyond the surface.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation International Comparative Politics
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