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Vancouver is as pretty as a city has any right to be. By day, Canada’s scenic gem is a cultural hub and epicenter for the arts, framed by flawless sea and mountains. But at night, when daylight is replaced by twinkling city lights, Vancouver transforms into a playground. On night tours in Vancouver with City Unscripted, the city’s electrifying after-dark entertainment is yours to discover. Anyone with a guidebook can get sucked into the tourist traps, but with a knowledgeable Vancouverite leading the way, you’ll uncover the hotspots and hidden gems of the Vancouver nightlife scene most travelers wouldn’t know existed. Are you ready for a night you’ll never forget?

Group of locals and tourists outside a popular nightlife attraction in Vancouver on a night tour of the city
A night the way you like it

The party scene in Vancouver can compete with the best in the world, and there’s no lack of speaker-shaking nightlife, crowded dancefloors and buzzing bars. If you love nightlife in its purest sense, this is the place to be – but night tours in Vancouver don’t just cater for party people. Vancouver has a long list of after-dark entertainment options that are equally exciting. With a seemingly endless supply of comedy clubs, late-night bowling alleys, burlesque shows, theater performances, museum nights and shopping opportunities, Vancouver nightlife is as vast and varied as it gets.

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Typical view of a Vancouver street at night
Neighborhoods for every night owl

Depending on the neighborhood you end up in on night tours in Vancouver, the Vancouver nightlife scene can be as relaxed or raucous as you want it to be. There’s neon-lit Granville Street, an entertainment district lined with pubs, clubs and live music venues. Then there’s upmarket Yaletown with its sleek cocktail lounges and super-trendy hangouts. If it’s a laid-back night of drinking and dining you’re after, historic Gastown is the place to be, while beachside Kitsilano is packed with locals-only pubs and neighborhood restaurants. Where will night tours in Vancouver take you?

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Typical stalls at a night market in Vancouver
Markets at midnight

Looking for a low-key way to experience Vancouver nightlife? Check out the city’s festive night markets! A summer tradition that attracts thousands, night markets represent all of the cultures that call the city home. Night tours in Vancouver are the perfect time to check out the Illumination Night Market, the Richmond Night Market or the Shipyards Night Market. Between hundreds of vendors selling food, clothing, plants and jewelry, you’ll get a taste of the real Vancouver. (And with a local guide leading the way, you’ll make a beeline for the stalls most loved by market regulars!).

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