What To Do In Stockholm This Summer - Things to do in June, July and August 2019

Stockholm, Sweden is a notoriously chilly destination, with even summer weather struggling to reach above the mid-20s. But Stockholm in summer is a great time to visit, even if the weather isn’t exactly a heat-wave. Thanks to the array of outdoor things to do in Stockholm along with the city’s overall increase in energy as the locals celebrate the long days and warm weather, you’ll never be stuck for things to do in Stockholm in summer. Just keep in mind that the average maximum temperature is typically between 20°C and 24°C, and the average minimum can also be as low as 11°, with a chance of up to one week of rain in each of the summer months. Still, with adequate preparation and this reading of what to do in Stockholm this summer (clever you), along with adopting the Swedish passion for warmer weather, there’s every reason you’ll have a remarkable time in the capital.

Things to do in Stockholm in June 2019

June may officially be the first month of summer in Stockholm, but the temperature struggles to get much higher than 20°C. The lows tend to hover around the 11°C mark, too, so you can expect some of the days to be cooler than others. But with adequate layering, there’s no reason why you can’t start taking part in most of the popular Stockholm summer activities! There’s also a notable shift in Stockholm nightlife as the temperatures warm, and it’s unlikely you’ll be at a loss for anything to do once the sun sets just a little bit later than usual.

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Early June is a great time to visit Stockholm, particularly if you want to sample some local delicacies. On June 5th is the 2019 edition of A Taste of Stockholm, an annual food event that attracts some 350,000 people. It’s a great chance to sample some food and drink from some of the country’s best restaurants and producers. If you’re more a fan of fast cars and coffee, then bookmark Cars and Coffee on June 15th. It’s a day when hundreds of sports car enthusiasts gather in the city to showcase their vehicles. And if you’re more a fan of traditional summer events, you can’t miss Midsummer at Skansen. It takes place on June 21st and features a range of traditional activities like binding birch wreaths and a variety of traditional games. There’s also a showcase of folk music and dance that makes it a regular feature in most Stockholm summer travel guides.

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Things to do in Stockholm in July 2019

July is the hottest month in Stockholm, so if your goal is to visit during the best Stockholm summer weather, then this might be the time to plan your trip. Temperatures in July hover around the 24ºC mark on the warmer days, and at night this can dip back down to 15º. The warmest month of the year also delivers plenty of Stockholm summer events, and as Swedes bask in the hotter weather you can expect an upbeat mood that’s become associated with Stockholm in summer. There’s still a small chance of rain - with an average of eight rainy days during the month - but this seldom gets in the way of visitors looking to visit the city’s major attractions.

There are two great festivals to earmark during your trip to Stockholm in July, both at either end of the month. On July 2nd is the popular Smash Festival. It’s a two-day festival that takes place at Stockholm Stadion and includes some of the biggest names in local and international pop music. Later in the month is Stockholm Pride, a vibrant and energetic festival that brings the city to life. It takes place from July 29th to August 4th, and is one of the city’s biggest annual events. If you’re there between these two dates and wondering what to do in Stockholm this summer, the warm weather presents perfect time to tick off the city’s major attractions.

Things to do in Stockholm in August 2019

Stockholm in summer is, for many, the best time to visit. Although the season is short, with just one month of temperatures around the 24ºC mark, August is still a perfect time to visit with regards to the weather. The average high dips back down to 22ºC, but the average low stays around the 14ºC mark. This means that even though the mornings and evenings are cool, you can still make the most of the things to do in Stockholm during summer. This is also a good time to take day trips from Stockholm, particularly if the city is feeling a bit too crowded.

With the warm weather still hanging around until August, there are still plenty of opportunities to see the city in its sunlit best. On August 13th is the Stockholm Culture Festival, during which the city’s squares are filled with a variety of intriguing cultural events. This is a great time to visit, particularly if you’re travelling solo and looking for things to do in Stockholm alone. The next day is also Stockholm Oktoberfest, one of the highlights in the Stockholm nightlife calendar. And to round off the summer festivities is the popular Dragon Boat race on August 28th. They take place until the 31st, and are a great way to soak up the last rays of summer.

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