Hi, I’m Jasmina


Hi, I’m Jasmina

I’ve lived in Prague for 2 years

I speak English, Croatian-Serbian

I am a Magistar of conservation and restoration of paintings and frescoes


Prague was one of the first great city in Europe that I fell in love with as a teenager coming from Croatia. My first visit to this city triggered my interest in art, history and preservation of human heritage. Coming back to Prague for further professional education as a restorer-conservator of art in the 2016 year, I got the opportunity to explore the city deep in its core. As a painter and musician, I found Prague to be a great sanctuary and fruitful ground for those who like to express themselves in different forms of art. Except for popular destination and must-see places, we can also visit the hidden gothic streets of the old town that still radiate with dark mystic atmosphere and have many tales to tell of Prague involvement in alchemy and magic. We can stop by for lunch in some local restaurants with domestic cuisine or discover typically Czech or multicultural underground bars, clubs, jamming places and coffee houses. For nature and bicycle lovers and families with kids, there are a lot of parks and gardens with amazing sightseeing points where you can make lifetime memory photos. If you like to have an energetic, funny and passionate guide who can make your visit to this wonderful city an unique experience, come and join me and lets share one of yours exciting adventures together.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Department of conservation and restoration of art

Experiences I love to host