Hi, I’m Prachi


Hi, I’m Prachi

I’ve lived in Toronto for 4 years

I speak English, Hindi

I am a technical service specialist(food)


If I had to sum up what I love about Toronto it will be a very long list! Just to sum up, Toronto caters to everyone's needs be it social, cultural, or career. It has a good representation of all the different communities that have settled here over the years and their area of the settlement represents their community, culture, and food. In this way when you visit Toronto you not only get to see Canadian culture but also all the cultures across the world with a Canadian twist! you can see the loud, quiet, simple, glamorous, artistic, and all other possible sides of Toronto! The places that I frequent and would love to share with you are the CN Tower, Aquarium, Distillery, Casa Loma, R.O.M, and Harbourfront. I would also like to show you the different topographies that Toronto can offer, such as the beautiful bluffs, high park, Riverdale, black pioneer village, Unionville, park, Sugar beach, Toronto island village, Osgoode hall, the york Ville, Little India, Little Italy, Kensington Market, UofT, Liberty village which has a rich history, high park hikes, Riverdale park, steam whistle railway exhibition. Also, different activities which one can do on these spots apart from clicking photos and much more catering one's special needs. Along with these depending on the preference and food restrictions food, wine, and beer which represent the rich cultures. Some hidden gems that I would recommend include, Toronto Island, Riverdale park, Trillium park, Fort york village, Elgin, the winter garden theater, and Humberbay east.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Food science & technology
Local cuisine Desserts Food markets Parks Gardens Scenic routes Hikes Social history Religious history Cityscape photography Street photography Modern architecture Classical architecture Wine Third wave coffee Department stores Street markets Popular culture Lifestyle culture

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