Hi, I’m Yuliya


Hi, I’m Yuliya

I’ve lived in Toronto for 3 years

I speak English, Spanish

I am a Marketing Manager and Content Creator


I believe in the power of awareness and details in our lives. We are always in rush, always late and worried, while sometimes in order to feel happy you need to stop, slow down, open your eyes and notice the world around you. Here is a lovely flower store on the corner, here is an amazing local coffee shop with best cappuccino, here is an old-style building with huge windows. I've been to 26 countries and each one was unique because of those details, each experience taught me how to look at the city with the eyes of locals, how to feel home in any part of the world. I applied this skill in photography by capturing urban moments that actually create a unique city vibe. I am passionate about Toronto, as during last 3 years this city showed me the beauty of diversity by combining all cultures under the same roof. I would love to share my prospective and vision with other people,so they can fall in love with Toronto in the same way as I did. Toronto is in details, in smiling faces of strangers, in all kinds of cultural neighborhoods, in street art, in food from all over the world. You do not need to go to Turkey for the Turkish coffee, you do not need to go to Japan for the good ramen. Toronto has it all and I will be happy to open this part of the city to it's visitors. Recently I decided to move to a freelance lifestyle from a full time managerial job in the advertising industry and focus on my creative potential. I am a founder of Youtube channel where I interview entrepreneurs in order to show the creative potential of locals . Also I am a singer and music is my absolute passion. I usually perform in local bars with acoustic covers. How I de-stress myself? I just go for a walk, smile and pay attention to the city life. I notice details, take pictures and feel absolute presence in a current moment.

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