Hi, I’m Pierre


Hi, I’m Pierre

I’ve lived in Montreal for 49 years

I speak English, French

I am a Food Demonstrator


I love Montreal. I was born here and have lived and visited many cities around the world. Montreal is a beautiful, livable, peaceful, and safe city. A city that is rich in history and culture. A city that works. A city that people are proud to say, I am a Montrealer. A city where work experiences the four seasons. A city that is accessible by public transport and is the bike capital of NA. A city that is the 2nd largest french speaking in the world. A city of festivals! A city where life is a festival is A cosmopolitan mix that welcomes diversity. The hockey and jazz capital of the world. A city where one day, I can go surfing and the next day attend a free concert in the park! A City that is building the largest automated, electrical train system in the world. A city of over 20 k restos etc, only 2nd to NYC in NA! My home, my love my heart! That is Montreal.

My knowledge & interests

Street food Local specialities Desserts Food markets Michelin starred Unique/unusual Music Theater Film Galleries Street art Parks Gardens Scenic routes Wildlife Hikes Political Economic Social Buildings Religious Cityscapes Street photography Instagrammable Modern Classical Wine Coffee Beer Tea High fashion Everyday Vintage Markets Traditional Popular Religion Lifestyle Rituals & Ceremonial Alternative / Underground Brutalism

Experiences I love to host