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Sao Paulo
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Big Ben to Tower Bridge
New City Highlights

Samba along Sampa's 10 must-see sights

Savor the top 10 sights of larger-than-life São Paulo

$40.56 per person

8 hours

Big Ben to Tower Bridge
New Half day

Half a day to learn the steps of lively São Paulo

Dance to the rhythm of a buzzing city, from iconic landmarks to city secrets.

$29.56 per person

4 hours

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Private tours in São Paulo

In prosperous São Paulo, the wealthiest city in South America, a private tour can have many different faces. Maybe you’ll move between world-renowned museums illustrating 500 years of the city’s fascinating history, or perhaps you’ll seek out street food and the best of Brazilian cuisine. After sunset, you could spend an unforgettable night at crowded bars and clubs, but if that isn’t your scene, the wealth of cinemas and theaters beckon with more cultured pastimes. With so much going on in the sprawling cityscape of São Paulo, deciding where to go can feel impossible. Luckily, with City Unscripted, you’ll have a knowledgeable local guide tailoring the perfect tour to suit your interests and satisfy your curiosity. Our local guides know the streets of São Paulo like the back of their hand, and they’ll plan a private tour that goes beyond the must-see sights. From hidden gems off the tourist trail to local haunts few visitors ever discover, you’ll get an authentic snapshot of São Paulo on walking tours with a knowledgeable Paulistano leading the way. Simply tell us what you want to see and do on your personalized experience in São Paulo, and we’ll make your dream day a reality.

Private tours in São Paulo

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