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About me

I am Archeologist born in Mexico City, passionate about the city, all its nuances and all its corners, 32 years touring the city, most of them by bike, I know and choose the right places according to your interests, we can start the day by visiting the archaeological remains lost in the city and finish it in a pulqueria at downtown, or having breakfast in one of the most traditional neighborhoods of the city, then we can walk through its famous tianguis, go to its museums and ecological parks, bookstores and plazas can also be included in our itinerary and if at the end of the day we have enough energies, let’s enjoy a drink on a beautiful terrace and if you want to dance, let's dance. My name is Roberto and I will be glad to experience whit you my beautiful and chaotic city.


English, Spanish

My Interests

History: archaeological sites, museums and historical neighborhoods, Culinary traditions and is reflected on traditional markets, street food and restaurants of all kind, Culture: the city boils in a dynamic cultural movement , Cinema, theater, art expositions, concerts and festivals, Lifestyle: cantinas, pulquerias, nightclubs, city parks and of course; the world famous Mexican wres

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My most exciting things to do in Mexico City

Mexico City has an astounding history that you can live and feel through its archaeological sites, museums and historical neighborhoods. It’s also famous for its culinary traditions and is reflected on traditional markets, street food and restaurants of all kinds. Here you can find culinary specialties from all over the world and of course, of Mexico itself. My intention is to show you all the cultural life Mexico City has to offer, the city boils in a dynamic cultural movement which we can see represented in many ways, from independent cinema, theater, art expositions, concerts and festivals to some other that personified the Mexican lifestyle as it best, such as cantinas, pulquerias, nightclubs, city parks and of course; the world famous Mexican wrestling.

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I'm mexican, I was born and raised in Mexico City, which I know very well. I love my city, I find it very attractive to have the opportunity to live in a big urban center such as Mexico City. I'm open to diverse and different cultures and always enjoy meeting new people. I believe learning about other people is a way for me to learn and grow.

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I am a professional musician who is in touch with a lot of diferent type of artist. I know a lot of musicians, writers, actors, painters and I even have a friend how brew beer. I also do voice acting and I have my studio home. People often surprise about how many people visit my apartment, I love knowing new people. I like to have friends over. What people likes about me is my humor, that I'm constantly making jokes. I am an easy person to talk with. I inspire confidence to people, I'd say,

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I fell in love with Mexico and its capital three years ago as I had the chance to discover it through the eyes of locals, my lover and friends. My mission is to do the same with you! Walking around and discover this ever changing city is my favourite hobby as you will never get bored to do so. Food, culture, nature, art and tradition are what make this place special and unique and I will show it to you as I have done with plenty of my friends. Ready to fall in love with Mexico?

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Born and raised in Mexico City but I lived many years in Italy, France, Israel, USA, so I speak fluently several languages and I have a lot of experience showing around my city and sharing my passion for history, art, food, and photography.

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Roberto's Instagram


Chris | Mexico City

Roberto | Mexico City

Review by: Chris V
March 2019

Knowledgable and Enthusiastic Mexico City Overview

Roberto was a great guide to introduce us to the layout and history of Mexico City. He was able to point us to all sorts of interesting places we never would have found by wandering on our own. His background in archaeology made him an appreciated authority on cultural and historical context. He has a genuine love for the subject and was great at inspiring interest and appreciation in our group!

Luis | Mexico City

Roberto | Mexico City

Review by: Luis L
March 2019


We had an outstanding time with Roberto and the street food tour! Roberto is an archeologist and a Mexico City local and he knows his stuff! We talked about history, food customs and traditions and even went to the biggest flower market. We would highly recommend Roberto for any future tours of Mexico City! (Viator, City Unscripted)

Jim | Mexico City

Roberto | Mexico City

Review by: Jim S
February 2019

Jimbo FP

I carefully scoured the internet examining several Mexico City food tours. As a James Beard Foundation recognized chef, I wanted a particularly exceptional food tour with my wife and her folks. It was important to me that we try the unique hidden gems, and small family places, that really show the true flavor and character of Mexico. Roberto Vilchis not only surpassed my culinary hopes, but is also an extremely knowledgable guide and super-nice, energetic guy!! There were a few things I was especially interested in trying, and Roberto cheerfully obliged. And, where guidebooks and personal recommendations boasted about the best carnitas in the city, Roberto introduced us to a particular spot that actually serves carnitas tacos with the bone still loosely attached to the meat. That is merely one example of the special places he knows about. We had Roberto hire a driver so we could efficiently navigate the area, transverse the barrios, and cover a variety of places. His chosen driver was a guy names Allen. My suggestion, do the same. And, if possible, request this same exceptional driver, who also speaks pretty good English, knows a great deal, and is also about as friendly as they come! I know that we hardly scratched the surface. I can’t wait to return to Mexico City and have Roberto and Allen resume our culinary adventures!! Buen provecho!!

Laura | Mexico City

Roberto | Mexico City

Review by: Laura C
January 2019


As first-timers to Mexico City with only a few short days to spend, we wanted to maximize our experience. Roberto and our driver, Alan, did exactly that. We expected the pyramids to be amazing (they were), what we didn't expect was the sheer size of the site, the murals. the tamales, the pork brain tacos, the pulque, AND (most importantly) the extensive knowledge of both Roberto and Alan. THANK YOU! We are sold on this guide/drive team and wouldn't hesitate to book other City Unscripted tours as a result.

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1 hr
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  • Explore a small area or street of the city to get insider insights and advice from your Host
2 hr
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  • Explore a mainstream area of the city to see the main tourist sites but also to discover hidden gems that most tourists miss
  • Discover an "off the beaten path" area of the city loved by locals and get a feel for what makes the city so special
3 hr
-4 hr
Perfect for exploring a larger area of the city or an in-depth discovery of smaller area
  • Visit some of the main tourist sites, get insider insights from your Host and discover hidden gems along the way
  • Focus on a specific neighbourhood or larger area of the city, discover its streets and places locals frequent and get a real insight into what really makes the city beat
  • Explore an area of the city that offers interesting things to see and do day and night and stop for a drink at some of the best bars along the way
  • Visit a child friendly area of the city and have time for the kids to run around and explore any interesting shops and attractions. Get advice from your Host on child friendly places to eat and visit during your stay
5 hr
-6 hr
Perfect for exploring 2 or 3 areas of the city
  • See all or most of the main tourist sites in different locations of the city, stop for a drink or quick lunch at a cafe or restaurant recommended by your Host and based on what you like, get insider insights and discover hidden gems along the way
  • Mix it! Visit some of the main tourist sites and then go off to explore an off the beaten path neighbourhood loved by locals. Stop for a drink or quick lunch along the way
  • Choose a theme such as food discovery, best markets, vintage shopping, music scene, trendy scene, history, art etc and let your Host plan an outing across several areas of the city covering the best of your chosen theme
7 hr
-8+ hr
Perfect for spending a day experiencing the best of what the city has to offer based on your interests
  • Give your Host a list of all the places you want to visit and things you want to do and let him/her plan an outing that makes the most of your time including organising tickets to attractions etc.
  • See all the main tourist sites in different locations of the city, stop for lunch at a cafe or restaurant recommended by your Host, have time to pop into any shops, galleries or places of interest along the way, get insider insights and discover hidden gems
  • Mix it! Visit the main tourist sites and then go off to explore one or more off the beaten path neighbourhoods loved by locals. Stop for lunch or dinner and drinks along the way