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  • Your Perfect Local Is Great For

    Food & Drink, High-end travellers, LGBTQ, Off-the-beaten-path, Nightlife, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Children and families, Young adults

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    English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Italian, German, Dutch, and many more...

I'm mexican, I was born and raised in Mexico City, which I know very well. I love my city, I find it very attractive to have the opportunity to live in a big urban center such as Mexico City. I'm open to diverse and different cultures and always enjoy meeting new people. I believe learning about other people is a way for me to learn and grow.

  • Jorge Is Great For

    Food & Drink, LGBTQ, Off-the-beaten-path, Senior travellers, Solo travellers

  • Languages

    English, French, Spanish

Born and raised in Mexico City but I lived many years in Italy, France, Israel, USA, so I speak fluently several languages and I have a lot of experience showing around my city and sharing my passion for history, art, food, and photography.

  • David Is Great For

    Food & Drink, High-end travellers, Off-the-beaten-path, Solo travellers, Children and families

  • Languages

    English, French, Spanish, Italian

All I do is work. My job entails learning, creating, planning and sharing what I know - and there is nothing I enjoy more. I have had many friends visit from different places and I discovered how much fun it is to help others know and love my city. So, here I am looking for more people to share this hobby of mine some people call "work". My best feature? I'm hungry to learn more, more, more! Give me a challenge and let's find out new things about Mexico City together!

  • Jaime Is Great For

    Food & Drink

  • Languages

    English, Spanish, Japanese, Mexican Sign Language

Did you know tomatoes come from Mexico? I'm your go-to for history, little-known facts, and obscure trivia on any subject. I'm bursting at the seams to share my love for my city and my country with everybody. My English is perfect--I'm a Shakespearean scholar on the side. (Sorry if I'm unavailable--I'm probably travelling.)

  • Ana Is Great For

    Food & Drink, High-end travellers, Off-the-beaten-path, Solo travellers

  • Languages

    English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Italian

I am a happy, bubbly and friendly lady. I love my city and I love showing people the special places that local Mexicans love, many of which tourists unfortunately miss. Mexico City is fascinating, colorful, and vibrant and where ancient history rubs shoulders with contemporary Mexican culture. I am adventurous and I like people who like new experiences. I was gymnastics National champion when I was young and now I make natural products such as soaps and natural bubbles

  • Elizabeth Is Great For

    Food & Drink, Off-the-beaten-path, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Children and families, Young adults

  • Languages

    English, Spanish, Italian

I am a professional musician who is in touch with a lot of diferent type of artist. I know a lot of musicians, writers, actors, painters and I even have a friend how brew beer. I also do voice acting and I have my studio home. People often surprise about how many people visit my apartment, I love knowing new people. I like to have friends over. What people likes about me is my humor, that I'm constantly making jokes. I am an easy person to talk with. I inspire confidence to people, I'd say,

  • Ignacio Is Great For

    Food & Drink, Nightlife, Solo travellers

  • Languages

    English, Spanish

I'm a half Japanese half Mexican married for 17 years with a 11 years son. Born and live my hole life in Mexico City. My traveler gen got started since I was a child, because my father took us camping in a VW Van through all the country, so I been deep into adventure and experience first hand the real Mexico. Mexico City is a great city because you can find points of interest on al range of expectations, so it doesn't matter which is your traveling style or budget, there will be a plan for you. We compare to NY in the song a City That Never Sleep, because life in the city never stop, you will see people all day almost everywhere. Food is always ready from great just made sweet bread & coffee to late night tacos. We have Parks, Museums, Theatre, Clubs, Markets, Malls, Concerts, Bull Fights, Soccer Games and more. High Speed Internet, Celular Companies, Currency Exchange House, Medical Care, Uber and all the services you can expect from a World Class city. I am partner/owner of 3 companies. Iztapawood Entertainment (production Company) Murcielago Records (Audio Studio) & High Roller (Film Studio) so I'm all into design, art, photography, Independent films and music. My wife is our Art Director so we share life and work. Making this perfect for me to manage my time. So all this background and my companies let me offer great support to make your visit to my city a great experience and let you fall in love with it, so you keep coming back. I have travel and work in United States and Central America, always with my family and had made great friends all around. So this is an experience that I want my son to continue, I use to have a lot of Pen Pals, now I have Travel Pals and hope that my wife and son expands they world with this experience. So we are child and youth friendly & Pet Friendly (our Ausie Sheppard dog Trixie), come experience Mexico !

  • Masahiro Is Great For

    Children and families

  • Languages

    English, Spanish