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    Bar lovers, Budget travellers, Disabled travellers, First time visitors, Foodies, Halal food, High-end travellers, Hip / Trendy scene, LGBT scene, New residents, Off the beaten-path, Partying & clubbing, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Travellers with babies, Travellers with kids, Travellers with teenagers, Vegans, Vegetarians

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My name is Alasdair and I am an enthusiastic, friendly student from Manchester. I have always loved meeting new people and making new friends wherever I am in the world. My main passion in life is helping people and to some day save a life, hence why I am a First Aider and am hoping to get into Medical School. Lots of my friends like me because they find me funny and sassy (in a comedic way), if a little bit weird. But I always say everyone has to be a bit weird otherwise the world would be boring. One thing that I think makes me unsual is that I can recite the entire script of The Dark Knight (the movie) and that I can play the french horn, if quite poorly. I love Manchester because there is always something to do, there is always a gig going on and always an event to see. I also love Manchester because of the huge diversity of people and cultures there are to see and explore, from Chinatown to the Jewish community in the North.

  • Alasdair Is Great For

    Bar lovers, Budget travellers, First time visitors, Foodies, Partying & clubbing, Solo travellers

  • Languages


I'm a learner and an explorer, with an unending curiosity about the earth. An ardent lover of nature, I like to dance, play keyboard and jazz drums, paint, and travel. I currently run the Indian Dance Society at The University of Manchester while pursuing a postgraduate degree in Geography. I love to teach and have voluntarily taught English and Hindi for both examinations and communication. Academically, I'm a science purist with a passion for programming. I have lived in Manchester for 4 years now and it has become a second home. I am an international student from India and Manchester is a lot like my hometown. The best thing about Manchester is that it caters to all kinds of people, whether they like a quiet cultural evening or a classy British night out. I see Manchester from the perspective of an outsider who has grown to love this city and made it home. I had no previous connections in the United Kingdom and I know how daunting it can be for someone travelling to a foreign land for the first time. I love to take up new challenges and CityUnscripted Local offers a unique opportunity for travellers to get a tailored experience and for me to meet like-minded people and travel around my city to show it.

  • Nishil Is Great For

    Budget travellers, First time visitors, Foodies, LGBT scene, Off the beaten-path, Partying & clubbing, Solo travellers, Travellers with kids, Vegetarians

  • Languages


Ciao! I am Francesca and Italian teacher who lives in Manchester. I moved here only one year and eights months ago but I've been dreaming about moving to this amazing city for a long time? Why? Because Manchester has everything you need, if you know where to look for..football and music above all, but also museums, great walks and restaurants and its University and culture. I will bring you around the city while listening to some good Mancunian tunes to discover its hidden gems

  • Francesca Is Great For

    Budget travellers, First time visitors, LGBT scene, New residents, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Travellers with teenagers, Vegans, Vegetarians

  • Languages

    English, French, Spanish, Italian

Hi, I’m Roy and a very proud resident and lover of my exciting, vibrant and cosmopolitan City of Manchester. I've lived in Manchester for 64 years and find that my city, Manchester, is one of the most exciting cities in the world. Manchester has been the founding bedrock of the industrial revolution and innovation and has many exciting museums exhibiting this. More recently Manchester has been the inspiration for some of the most creative musical minds in the world from the Hollies; Simply Red and Oasis. What I love about Manchester is that it constantly surprises me with new things to see and experience whether that is culture, the arts, the fabulous architecture, sport or music. All my acquaintances from all over the world are surprised by the diversity of interests when they visit Manchester. Manchester has many hidden gems that they just fall in love with in this vibrant and exciting modern city. If you make a booking with me I can take you on wonderfully relaxing walking exploration of this wonderful city, we can find many interesting things to do in the ‘town centre’ such as the vibrant Northern Quarter, with its rich history and which also comes alive at night. You may want to know about the alternative modern areas such as Spinningfields, well known for exciting places to relax and dine. There is also the famous ‘Village’ and historic Castlefield all within easy walking distance. So, if you want to discover one of Manchester’s coolest neighbourhoods that has something for everyone then I'm your Local!

  • Roy Is Great For

    Coming soon…

  • Languages


I am a university graduate, music lover and skateboarder with an endless amount of energy and a positive attitude. I produce electronic/hip-hop music, play drums and enjoy nothing more than discovering new music and meeting new people. I have studied in the UK and France but I have loved Manchester for its people, culture, history, skateboarding community and vibrant music scene since I was young.

  • Joel Is Great For

    Budget travellers, Bar lovers, Hip / Trendy scene

  • Languages


Hi world! My name is Vittorio and I also went through the same situation as you, we were all new once. But no worries! I will make sure you feel at home, but in a completely new country and full of experiences to live. I am a very kind and friendly Student in Manchester always with a smile to offer and expert in getting along with anyone no matter what language you speak, where you come from or how old you are so do not hesitate to ask me or talk about anything, I always will be very pleased to hear you, It will seem like you've known me for years! Manchester have incredible things to offer for each kind of personality and nice stories to tell, so just tell me about yourself, what you like and of course! Also about how you imagine your perfect trip to manchester! And I'll take care of the rest. If you are over 18, ask me about my professional degree in parties, clubs and bars so let me show you the amazing night life of Manchester.

  • Vittorio Is Great For

    First time visitors, Partying & clubbing, Foodies, Hip / Trendy scene

  • Languages

    English, Spanish, Italian

I am an engineering student in the University of Manchester with a great enthusiasm for city architecture, transportation (especially trains) and food! I lived in the USA during my early childhood and then grew up in the UK for most of my life, living in various places like Cambridge, North Wales and now Manchester. Before I moved, I knew some parts of Manchester since I've visited many times and then when I actually did move for higher education, I really started getting to know the city and beyond to explore other towns and cities in the north (Liverpool, Preston, Blackpool, Lancaster, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Sheffield and more) by hopping on and off buses, trains and trams. I've also explored every borough in Greater Manchester, with pictures of major centres of each one. As I have a travelling mind and an excellent geographical idea of everything, I'll be happy to help anybody, whether they're new to city or just need someone to help them move around the city faster without missing out on the major sights and big bargains! Even though I've lived in Manchester for just over 2 years, I know the whole city as if I've lived here for 20 years! I absolutely love the great diversity of cultures as well as the mix of old and the new, especially the architecture from Grand Victorian town halls to towering skyscrapers of the modern times. I know exactly how to spend time and visit places efficiently. You can also check out my website where I put guides for train travel based on my recent experiences http://trainspotteruk.webstarts.com/ I hope you will enjoy travelling around the city with me!

  • Ayman Is Great For

    Budget travellers, First time visitors, Foodies, Halal food, Hip / Trendy scene, New residents, Vegetarians

  • Languages

    English, Bengali

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