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About me

Like I always say: I'm not the best person to talk about myself, at all. However, since I'm so found of fighting, I'll give it a go. I guess one could say I am a great person to be around (at least, that's what my friends say!). They always joke about the fact that I can socialize so easily... That I can make friends "with a leg behind my back" (a portuguese saying that sounds terrible in english, but that translates to "doing something that should be hard, easily"). I am a modest kind of funny, but with an incredible sense of humor that allows me to laugh at my own jokes (this translates to a huge self-love capacity)! I love to study different languages so I can connect with the most varied group of people and... I guess that's me!...


English, Portuguese

My Interests

Music Festivals, wandering through the city, meeting new restaurants, getting to meet the monuments, Trying out new things

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My most exciting things to do in Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. Therefore, living here is all about excitement, learning and adventure. One day might be completely different from the next, and that's exactly what makes this city what it is: always something new.

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Hey! Its Anne here, your future Lisbon’s host. My full name is Ann-Elisa, because of my Danish-Italian origins but you can call me Anne or Ana ( which sounds more Portuguese ). I was born 26 years ago in a small city close to Trieste which is five minutes away from the Slovenian border on the northeast of Italy. Growing up in a very international environment thanks to my lovely parents and to the multicultural roots of my mom’s family I soon learned that what I wanted the most in my life was to discover the world and learn about other cultures. Despite being half danish I my danish is really poor but I learned Portuguese and Spanish since I was a kid instead. I visited Lisbon and Portugal several times in my life since I was a baby because my danish family used to live here and somehow I always felt at home in Portugal. My passion for Portuguese culture got me to study Portuguese Language and literature in my Bachelor and in 2015, when I finished my studies I decided to move to Lisbon. Starting from that day everything changed in my life: I have been living every single day at its fullest and I am wiling to spend the rest of my life in this beautiful city I fell in love with. Currently I am working in tourism and studying part-time.

  • AnnElisa Is Great For

    Business travellers, Children and families, Food & Drink, High-end travellers, History and culture, LGBTQ, Nightlife, Off-the-beaten-path, Parks and nature, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Young adults

  • Languages

    English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

Hi, I'm Gabriella. I'm a 28 years old hungarian visual artist. I live in Lisbon for about 3 years. For one month I worked in a hostel in Cascais and I loved to meet new people from all around the world. I still didn't find my dream job but being a Local Host and meet people from different cultures gives me a lot of inspiration. I would say I'm a happy person with a good sense of humor and with a big curiosity about the world. This curiosity made me fell in love with the city. I'm permanently surprised with the enormouse history of Lisbon and that I can always find new nice corners in the narrow colorful streets of the old town. I also love nature and Lisbon has many botanical gardens. It's the best thing you can do on a hot summer day to go to a garden and enjoy the shadow under a tree with a cold drink in your hand! :) So if you like art,nature and hidden places then I'm the best Host for you! :)

  • Gabriella Is Great For

    Food & Drink, Off-the-beaten-path, Parks and nature, Solo travellers, Young adults

  • Languages

    English, Hungarian

Did you know that people who live in Lisbon are called alfacinhas, which means... little lettuces? Nobody really knows why, but lettuces here are really crispy and yum yum! Fun facts aside, Lisbon and Portugal in general is a peculiar, amazing, warm, open-hearted, sometimes a little frustrating but nonetheless a loveable place which I keep on exploring and everyday find something new - I can't wait to share this with you! Originally I am from Lithuania but have spent more than two years here now, exploring the Portuguese capital and its surrounding areas. I used to work at an art gallery in Lisbon thus I am familiar with the art and culture scene. At the moment I work as a freelance translator, writer and photographer and I am very much interested in people, their stories and street photography. I am also an avid lover of food, coffee, wine, music, beautiful Lisbon sunsets and long explorational walks. I am very much into hiking and trekking so I consider myself very lucky that Lisbon offers quite a few opportunities in that area as well. So I am happy to share the green natural spaces of Lisbon with you, too! I have lived in a few places around the city: my current area is the historical neighbourhood of Graca which is very close to Alfama and Mouraria. I can take you through the main sites as well as off the beaten track, you tell me what you'd like to see! I have spent a considerable amount of time on the other side of the bridge which is still a largely unexplored area of Lisbon, it is a perfect choice for people who want to get out of the crowds and enjoy a different pace while eating the most delicious food and exploring the nature, seaside and tiny traditional and very amazing finishing villages just a ferry ride away from the old-town! Looking forward to meeting you!

  • Vilmante Is Great For

    Children and families, Food & Drink, History and culture, Off-the-beaten-path, Parks and nature, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Young adults

  • Languages

    English, Lithuanian

As a true born and raised Portuguese girl I am used to the city life and am as curious as it can get. From history trying to know it all by day to night life crazy fun I like to go trough it all, and I wanna share my love for this city and country as much as I can.

  • Sara Is Great For

    Children and families, Food & Drink, Nightlife, Young adults

  • Languages

    English, Spanish

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2 hr
Perfect for exploring a small area of the city
  • Explore a mainstream area of the city to see the main tourist sites but also to discover hidden gems that most tourists miss
  • Discover an "off the beaten path" area of the city loved by locals and get a feel for what makes the city so special
3 hr
-4 hr
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  • Explore an area of the city that offers interesting things to see and do day and night and stop for a drink at some of the best bars along the way
  • Visit a child friendly area of the city and have time for the kids to run around and explore any interesting shops and attractions. Get advice from your Host on child friendly places to eat and visit during your stay
5 hr
-6 hr
Perfect for exploring 2 or 3 areas of the city
  • See all or most of the main tourist sites in different locations of the city, stop for a drink or quick lunch at a cafe or restaurant recommended by your Host and based on what you like, get insider insights and discover hidden gems along the way
  • Mix it! Visit some of the main tourist sites and then go off to explore an off the beaten path neighbourhood loved by locals. Stop for a drink or quick lunch along the way
  • Choose a theme such as food discovery, best markets, vintage shopping, music scene, trendy scene, history, art etc and let your Host plan an outing across several areas of the city covering the best of your chosen theme
7 hr
-8+ hr
Perfect for spending a day experiencing the best of what the city has to offer based on your interests
  • Give your Host a list of all the places you want to visit and things you want to do and let him/her plan an outing that makes the most of your time including organising tickets to attractions etc.
  • See all the main tourist sites in different locations of the city, stop for lunch at a cafe or restaurant recommended by your Host, have time to pop into any shops, galleries or places of interest along the way, get insider insights and discover hidden gems
  • Mix it! Visit the main tourist sites and then go off to explore one or more off the beaten path neighbourhoods loved by locals. Stop for lunch or dinner and drinks along the way