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Hi! I am Anne. I am a 25 years old student and traveller. I live in Portugal since 2015 when I came here as an Erasmus exchange student... and here I am, I never left! I was born in Italy in a small town one hour far from Venice. I studied and worked in Venice for 3 years - I got a bachelor degree in International Relations and Foreign Languages, therefore I speak Portuguese as a mothertongue (almost!). I also speak English, Italian and Spanish and I love communicating in each of these languages and I also speak a bit of german and Danish (oh well, I forgot to tell you that I am half danish!). At the moment I am studying Art Business and I do a lot of Yoga in my free time. I consider myself as a very open and positive person, and I always try to give my best to the people that I meet. I love meeting new humans, exchange positivity and learn about other cultures. Why should you choose me as your CityUnscriptedLocal? Well, because I love Lisbon with all my heart and soul. And I made a lot of international friends falling in love with this city. I Studied Portuguese language and culture during 3 years in my bachelor and I came to Lisbon as much as I could during those 3 years and it just got stuck in my soul. When I moved here in 2015 I completely fell in love with the vibes of the city and decided I would never leave. I promise lots of walking, chill, history, food, wine... and Smiles! With the eyes of a local and the soul of an Italian!

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Olá, my name is Genta and I have been living in Lisbon for 3 years attending my Doctoral Studies in Art Therapy. I fell in love with the city since the first day I came here, especially the good weather, tasty food, and amazing people i encountered everyday. I can say without any doubt that I fully integrated in the community and implemented the best of Lisbon in my way of life. I love drawing and i always keep a special notebook to preserve some happy moment. I enjoy walking and getting lost in the narrow streets of Lisbon, listening to music while siting near the river and chilling, and discovering street art. I consider myself optimist, patient, try to always offer a smile and take the best of each experience. I am very curious, reason why i learned every detail of the history of the city and the country, their discoveries, national poets, folkloric songs, traditional food and drinks. I am looking forward to a completely new experience, bringing me closer to different nationalities, backgrounds, cultures, ages, etc.

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    Food & Drink, LGBTQ, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Children and families, Young adults

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Hi everybody. Lisbon is the best place in Europe, that's why I live here :) I am a 27 years old french girl currently seeking for a job so I have plenty of time to show you the city! I love to get lost in the small streets of Lisbon, enjoy a coffee in many of its points of view and party at night with friends. Travel addict, I have lived in Spain, China and now Portugal! Also backpacked all around Asia and South America which was the best experience ever. My second passion is to Dance!! Modern jazz, Hip Hop, Dance Hall... anything that grooves haha. Also love yoga and fitness :) Hope to hear about you soon!

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Hi, I'm Gabriella. I'm a 28 years old hungarian visual artist. I live in Lisbon for about 3 years. For one month I worked in a hostel in Cascais and I loved to meet new people from all around the world. I still didn't find my dream job but being a Local Host and meet people from different cultures gives me a lot of inspiration. I would say I'm a happy person with a good sense of humor and with a big curiosity about the world. This curiosity made me fell in love with the city. I'm permanently surprised with the enormouse history of Lisbon and that I can always find new nice corners in the narrow colorful streets of the old town. I also love nature and Lisbon has many botanical gardens. It's the best thing you can do on a hot summer day to go to a garden and enjoy the shadow under a tree with a cold drink in your hand! :) So if you like art,nature and hidden places then I'm the best Host for you! :)

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    Food & Drink, Off-the-beaten-path, Parks and nature, Solo travellers, Young adults

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    English, Hungarian

i here to help you out to see not only Lisbon but near by areas i know great spots , great views am here to get you the best of your time Just ask me ;) Tiago

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I am a 40 year old music photographer who as lived most of his life in Lisbon, i know this city well. I love history, urban art and food and those are the things that make me go around town exploring every chance i get. I am also a very experienced traveler which means i can put myself in your shoes and assist you with anything you might need in beautiful Lisbon.

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    Food & Drink, High-end travellers, Off-the-beaten-path, Solo travellers, Children and families, Young adults

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Like I always say: I'm not the best person to talk about myself, at all. However, since I'm so found of fighting, I'll give it a go. I guess one could say I am a great person to be around (at least, that's what my friends say!). They always joke about the fact that I can socialize so easily... That I can make friends "with a leg behind my back" (a portuguese saying that sounds terrible in english, but that translates to "doing something that should be hard, easily"). I am a modest kind of funny, but with an incredible sense of humor that allows me to laugh at my own jokes (this translates to a huge self-love capacity)! I love to study different languages so I can connect with the most varied group of people and... I guess that's me!...

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