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About me

I am a sensitive, sincere and honest person who loves nature, music, sport and animals. My moto in life is: Play hard to get but always be honest. I am very creative and friendly and always looking for new adventures. I travel often around to explore more places. I would like to invite people to visit Hamburg cause this city has so much to offer. I can ensure that you will have so much fun here.


English, Spanish, Italian

My Interests

i love travelling, Shopping is my medicine, Painting is my hobby since a kid , I grew up by the beach and I really love swimming, Walking in the rain makes me feel so good

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My most exciting things to do in Hamburg

I love Hamburg because it's simply amazing. You have so much to see and do here. My favourite places are: the harbour and St. Pauli. I like to walk by the river.

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Fun, outgoing, love showing off this amazing city. Always in the know about new events new bars restaurants.

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  • Languages


I am a relaxed and fun person. I have studied and worked in this beautiful city for 3 years already. Would love to enrich your experience here as much as I can. Interested and knowledgeable in the urban history, urban art, museums, music clubs (especially Jazz clubs), restaurants etc. Hope to meet you soon!

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    Business travellers, Food & Drink, High-end travellers, History and culture, LGBTQ, Nightlife, Parks and nature, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Young adults

  • Languages

    English, Turkish

I'm living in Hamburg for a little bit more than two years now. I ended up here after being in Perú for five years (before that I was in London, and before that in Cork...). So yeah, I really like travelling and living in different parts of this amazing world of ours. I am journalist so I am very interested in politics, culture & history (also sport, but that is more of a hobby). What I love the most of Hamburg is the authenticity of his people, this city is what you see, nothing else (and that is a lot, believe me!). It fascinates me also his massive port and his pubs ("Kneipes"), specially the old ones in the amazing neighbourhood of St. Pauli.

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  • Languages

    English, Spanish, German, Catalan

And then there i was, exactly 1 year ago (1 july 2016). From a small town to the big city, not for one night but starting here my new life. I knew nobody I didn't anything about the city Homesick/sleepless nights/ and many hours on my own later i found out that: Hamburg is awesome!!!! Why?? Good question Marie! 1)Hamburg looks like a really big but friendly and green city 2)People are friendly and open minded 3)You can drink beers on the street 4)There is a lot to do. 5)Public transportation is awesome 6)They have great places to visit, beaches, pubs, bars 7) You can live here quit cheap if you know the places 8)Luigi's pizza place :) 9)They have awesome architecture 10)Don't worry be happy

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5 hr
-6 hr
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  • Mix it! Visit some of the main tourist sites and then go off to explore an off the beaten path neighbourhood loved by locals. Stop for a drink or quick lunch along the way
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  • See all the main tourist sites in different locations of the city, stop for lunch at a cafe or restaurant recommended by your Host, have time to pop into any shops, galleries or places of interest along the way, get insider insights and discover hidden gems
  • Mix it! Visit the main tourist sites and then go off to explore one or more off the beaten path neighbourhoods loved by locals. Stop for lunch or dinner and drinks along the way