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    Bar lovers, Budget travellers, Disabled travellers, First time visitors, Foodies, Halal food, High-end travellers, Hip / Trendy scene, LGBT scene, New residents, Off the beaten-path, Partying & clubbing, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Travellers with babies, Travellers with kids, Travellers with teenagers, Vegans, Vegetarians

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Hello! My name is Sarah, I am a bilingual tour guide in English and Italian. My main passions are history, human beings and performing, that is why I became a tour guide. I have several years experience guiding in one of the main historical attractions in the city and working with the public. Being empathetic is a fundamental skill when working with people, that is why my tours are different according to the age, nationality and needs of my customers. Delivering tours, for me, means also to have a good time and my enjoyment is infectious. Edinburgh is a vibrant jewel immersed in history and culture and it will be a joy to share it with you!

  • Sarah Is Great For

    Budget travellers, Disabled travellers, First time visitors, Foodies, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Travellers with babies, Travellers with kids, Travellers with teenagers, Vegetarians

  • Languages

    English, Italian

I'm a Chemical Physics graduate currently running The Potter Trail (Edinburgh's Harry Potter tours), touring science shows for kids with the Edinburgh International Science Festival and aspiring to be a comedy writer/performer with my sketch group Planet Caramel. I'm very outgoing and enjoy learning from other people. I'm always looking to entertain and get great pleasure in communicating ideas in a clear and interesting way. Comedy is my main passion in life and I try to inject a bit of it into everything I do. The Edinburgh Fringe is my Christmas and I've performed in it every year since 2011. I'm already very experienced as a tour guide receiving almost exclusively 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor for my tours. My enthusiasm for Edinburgh is boundless and I am to make you love this city as much as I do!

  • Richard Is Great For

    Off the beaten-path, Budget travellers, Bar lovers, Hip / Trendy scene

  • Languages


I am passionate about cities and urban spaces and the way these shape our experiences. This means walk, go slow, take new turns, and observe. I have myself lived in various cities including Boston, Valencia, Vienna, Cluj-Napoca, Lahore, and Karachi. Edinburgh is different from all of these places. My favorite thing about Edinburgh is how nature and concrete exist in harmony, how the green and the gray intersect and enrich each other. So, if you like walking, this is a lovely place to be. Tourists go the usual ways but I explore the hidden, curious, and inspiring nooks and corners of the city. I am also an avid reader - a Ph.D. student - and therefore, (old) book shops are a frequent stop. If you are into reading, I can show you some charming book stores. I like my food, whether it is cheddar from the Isle of Mull or Chicken curry from a desi chef. I can guide you to the best possible choices for various kinds of food including Spanish, Italian, (Scottish) Burgers, Desi food (Halal included), and others. I also like Scottish folk music, especially, if the venue is a charming and quiet traditional pub. I am also a photographer and would be happy to share some secret spots in Edinburgh. Whether it is the logistics of getting around or experiencing the rich culture of the city, I am here to help. I have also prepared some already set experiences for you to choose from. In short, I would be happy to share my love of Edinburgh with you to make your visit meaningful.

  • Zebi (Aurangzeb) Is Great For

    Budget travellers, First time visitors, Foodies, Halal food, New residents, Off the beaten-path, Senior travellers, Solo travellers

  • Languages

    English, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu

I am friendly and have a great sense of humour according to those who know me and I enjoy walking and discovering new places every time I get the chance. I can speak Italian fluently and I can understand Spanish, which I am also studying at the moment. I am always early everywhere I go, just a habit I developed early. What I love mostly about Edinburgh is the time after Fringe or Hogmanay, when it is quieter and you get to see what it is really like to live here.

  • Luiza Is Great For

    Bar lovers, Budget travellers, First time visitors, Foodies, New residents, Solo travellers

  • Languages

    English, Italian, Romanian

I am currently a Chemistry student at the University of Edinburgh and have stayed in Edinburgh my whole life. I love the city and love discovering new and exciting things here. I have tour guiding experience and know the history behind it. I am overall you're typical Scot! I love visiting historical places such as museums and art galleries. I personally love to travel and understand it comes with a budget so I have discovered all the free and exciting things to do in the city. I'm a very friendly and laid back person who will get along with anyone.

  • Megan Is Great For

    First time visitors

  • Languages


I have been a member of couchsurfing for 5 years now and have received positive reviews from people all over the world. This just seems like a natural progression from that. I already give my guests tips on things to do in Edinburgh depending on the tastes. I really enjoy meeting new people and am proud to show them the city I live in through my eyes.

  • James Is Great For

    Bar lovers, Budget travellers, First time visitors, Foodies, LGBT scene, New residents, Off the beaten-path, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Vegetarians

  • Languages


Hi there! I am 20 years old and I study Psychology at the University of Edinburgh. I was born in Edinburgh but lived in Dubai for 3 years and went to 6 different high schools. I can speak English, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi fluently. I love Edinburgh as it has always been home to me. The atmosphere in the city is very friendly and bubbly which is beautiful. The history and architecture never fail to impress me and there's always something new to see or a new fact to learn! I love shopping and I am a BIG foodie. Edinburgh is loaded with delicious and unique restaurants and cafe's that somehow still have that twang of Edinburgh history attached to it. In my free time, I teach children aged 4-7 and I am a diehard Prison Break fan. People usually say that I am chatty, fun, friendly and good with children. I love the beautiful scenery in Edinburgh and enjoy walking on the occasional sunny day. I would make a great host as I know exactly which restaurants to go if you're a food lover and the undiscovered spots around the city - within any budget!

  • Zainab Is Great For

    Budget travellers, First time visitors, Foodies, Halal food, High-end travellers, New residents, Senior travellers, Travellers with babies, Travellers with kids

  • Languages

    English, Hindi, Urdu

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