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    Bar lovers, Budget travellers, Disabled travellers, First time visitors, Foodies, Halal food, High-end travellers, Hip / Trendy scene, LGBT scene, New residents, Off the beaten-path, Partying & clubbing, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Travellers with babies, Travellers with kids, Travellers with teenagers, Vegans, Vegetarians

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My name is Tony Meza Maldini, 30 years old and I was born and raised in The Netherlands. I'm just a regular guy from a beautiful city in the Netherlands who in recent years has developed himself into a hardworking and studious person. This is evident from the fact that I have studied a lot both home and abroad and speak also that i speak four languages. It is also evident from the fact that I had many and various jobs. I have been living in Dublin now for almost four years. I have studied history in Amsterdam and i would say i know Dublin pretty well now. Dublin is a city that is great because it is compact but also gives you the feeling that you are in a major city. The small town feeling mixes really good with the big city rush Most of the time friends and family don,t hire a tour guide to see the city, they just ask me to show them around. This idea sounds really great and is something that has interested me for some time now. I think i can be a good guide because i know a lot of the city and i talk a lot which helps with the Q & A,s when i show people around.

  • Tony Is Great For

    First time visitors

  • Languages

    English, Dutch

Hello I'm Federica! I am Italian and I live in Dublin! I work in Hotel and I love everything about tourism. Indeed I am also a certified tour leader. In my spare time I like to take photos with my camera or just a walk in the city and surroundings to find new spots. I am big fan of travels and escape rooms with friends. I love books and art and craft to relax. Hope to meet you soon guys! Cheers!

  • Federica Is Great For

    Budget travellers, First time visitors, Foodies, Senior travellers, Travellers with babies, Travellers with kids

  • Languages

    English, Italian

I like to talk a lot and I enjoy sharing my knowledge. I'm always trying to learn new things and find spots that locals tend to visit, I don't really like to be in the tourist area cause its always crowded. I enjoy food, beer and coffee, so you can expect to have a nice time with great food and drinks. Dublin is a small city, I can take you to different places by walking, bike or bus- no need to spend that much in a taxi or tourist buses. Yes, you can get all the info online but you have to see the places in person!

  • Alejandro Is Great For

    Bar lovers, Budget travellers, First time visitors, Foodies, LGBT scene, New residents, Off the beaten-path, Senior travellers, Solo travellers

  • Languages

    English, Spanish

I am Brazilian and totally passionate by Ireland. I have been living here for four years. I really like to explore by bike and find out interesting places and also sightseeing. I love mountain sports . watersports , traditional pubs . restaurants, music and theatre. I am very energetic person and also I love Literature and write poetry , I am working in a project that involves poetry and photograply # My philosophy is " Carpe diem"

  • Lia Is Great For

    Bar lovers, Budget travellers, Disabled travellers, First time visitors, High-end travellers, Hip / Trendy scene

  • Languages

    English, Portuguese

I am energetic person who enjoys being in contact with people. I love travelling and make new friends along the way. I have been living in Dublin for 9 years and I still enjoy the good "crack" as my Irish friends would say.

  • Aurora Is Great For

    Budget travellers, First time visitors, Solo travellers, Travellers with babies, Travellers with kids

  • Languages

    English, Spanish, Italian

In October last year I decided to change my life and change my home country for Ireland. I wasn't certain, that it's good idea. Now after ten months, I so much love this city, that I'm everyday so happy to live here! Dublin is absolutely international city! I met here people from whole the world, I can say more - I met here friends from whole the world :). I don't think that there is other city in this world, where you can go in the evening to city center alone, and be sure that you will meet great people.

  • Grzegorz Is Great For

    Partying & clubbing, Bar lovers, Solo travellers

  • Languages

    English, polish

I'm half German and half Italian, and although I don't speak italian, i sure got my quirkiness and temper from this side of the family. As a 6 year old child I already told my teacher that I want to live in Ireland when I grow up. 22 years and a few visits later I am living my dream! I love Ireland with a passion that is hard to explain and I love see other people getting infected with the Ireland-fever as well. If you want to go for a walk through the city or along the coast, with lots of lovely photo opportunities while learning a bit about the Irish history and Dublins mentality and people, I am your perfect guide. I also know my way through the Pubs and Bars outside of the touristy Temple Bar. I'm looking forward to showing you my chosen home!

  • Lea Is Great For

    First time visitors, New residents, Solo travellers

  • Languages

    English, German

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