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    Food & Drink, High-end travellers, LGBTQ, Off-the-beaten-path, Nightlife, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Children and families, Young adults

  • Languages

    English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Italian, German, Dutch

I moved to Brussels from Philadelphia for work five years ago and fell in love with the city from day one! Over the years I have hosted first time and reoccurring guest for work and have always enjoyed showing people around my new home. I enjoy walking around the city discovering what’s new while at the same time enjoy the more traditional spots that Brussels has to offer. I am a true people person and I have a big heart ensuring my guest get the most out of their time in Brussels no matter their timeframe or interest.

  • Milton Is Great For

    Food & Drink, High-end travellers, LGBTQ, Off-the-beaten-path, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Children and families, Young adults

  • Languages


.I am Portuguese and I have been living in Brussels for 3.5 years. I am a writer who also works in hospitality. My passions are jogging, dogs, languages and eating. I believe that travelling brings us together and is a great opportunity to think about the fact that even if we live in different countries, we all share the same human emotions, hopes and dreams. I like to connect with fellow humans that way, help them have an amazing time, and this is why I chose to be a local guide.

  • Teresa Is Great For

    Food & Drink, High-end travellers

  • Languages

    English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

I enjoy my life as much as possible. I like to constantly meet new people and being around as much as I can. Explosive personality and love for style and culture. People love my spirit of initiative and the fact that I have always something to propose and recommend, especially at night. Brussels is not a place to visit but a place to live. Nightlife is extraordinary and the melting pot has nothing to fear compared to other big European cities. The world is here let me just show it to you ;)

  • Raffaele Is Great For

    LGBTQ, Nightlife, Solo travellers

  • Languages

    English, French, Spanish, Italian

I would be glad to show you the most beautiful corners, buildings, churches, squares and monuments of Brussels; a city I have being living in for about 25 years. As a well-educated Italian with a good knowledge of art history and aesthetics, I will show you the best panoramas and architecture of the city. Of course, I would also be available to present you with other aspects of Belgium and its capital, from different angles such as economy, society, artistic life, European affairs, business climate in Belgium and Brussels, international relations, government matters and any other subjects which may interest you.

  • Andrea Is Great For

    High-end travellers, Off-the-beaten-path, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Young adults

  • Languages

    English, French, Italian

I am an enthusiastic greek guy born in Athens but Belgian in the heart who grew up in Africa for about 15 years. Travelling is part of my nature. I live in Brussels for 10 years now and 22 years in Belgium. Why live here ? I feel happy and at home, simple as that ! it's a laidback city and at the same time infused with a dynamic energy. From a nice walk in a park to a beer outside when the sun is shinning or trying out a new restaurant before the party starts, there is always a reason to love Brussels. If you like food, restaurants, nice places to chill, nature and well-being, beer and bars and nightlife, walking in the city..i'm the right guy.

  • Michaël Is Great For

    Food & Drink

  • Languages

    English, French

Hello my name is Rosanna and I've been living in Brussels for 28 years. I am a big traveler and my goal is to visit all the countries in the world. I am easy-going and very open-minded. I like to meet people and learn about other cultures. I studied Human Resources because the well-being of people is a priority for me. Brussels has many nice little places that will make you love this city like I do, and I would be happy to help you discover these places. I love to stroll around the city and go shopping. I also like walking in the parks in the summer, picnics, and attending the various events that take place. Brussels has a lot to offer, so come and discover it with me!

  • Rosanna Is Great For

    Business travellers, Food & Drink, LGBTQ, Nightlife, Parks and nature, Solo travellers, Young adults

  • Languages

    English, French, Lingala

Professional Industrial Designer who has travelled the world and is always curious and looking for new encounters to share his passion for culture, arts and design. I also am an artist with the kind of eye for things that stand out and are not common. Having studied in Brussels and currently living there, he would like to promote and convey many aspects quite unique to this European capital. If you are looking for "out of the box" thinking and approach to this city, book me and I will make you see them.

  • Raoul Is Great For

    Business travellers, Food & Drink, High-end travellers, History and culture, Off-the-beaten-path, Parks and nature, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Young adults

  • Languages

    English, French, Italian