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    Food & Drink, High-end travellers, LGBTQ, Off-the-beaten-path, Nightlife, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Children and families, Young adults

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I am an actor, fight performer, writer and voice artist. Outside of this, I have worked in hospitality as barman and a waiter. I am also a qualified RFU Rugby Referee. My main hobbies include theatre, film, comedy, rock and metal music, rugby union, professional wrestling and swimming. I believe I would offer you a great experience as I can incorporate my acting skills to include an engaging, story telling aspect to it, and I have a shed load of experience in immersive theatre including "Only Fools: The (Cushty) Dining Experience" with Interactive Theatre International in which I am currently appearing in nationally as well as in their West End residency.

  • Joshua Is Great For

    Business travellers, Children and families, Food & Drink, High-end travellers, History and culture, LGBTQ, Nightlife, Off-the-beaten-path, Parks and nature, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Young adults

  • Languages


I love getting out, and about in Brighton & Hove as there’s always something going on. I’m a gay married woman, and I’ve lived in Brighton, and it’s surrounding areas for the last 28 years. I enjoy delicious foods, and love visiting new restaurants in the city. I have a dog so have lots of knowledge of where dogs are allowed in the city. I worked at The Theatre Royal for a couple of years, so I have lots of knowledge regarding The Theatre Royal, and of the other theatres in the city. I love going to Brighton’s art house cinema’s, The Duke of York's, and the Komedia, and I really enjoy market stalls, and shopping. Brighton has many small boutique shops in the North, and South Lanes, so when looking for something original, like a birthday, or Christmas present this is the place to come. Brighton & Hove is a very special city as it is 2 towns rolled into 1 big city. The city is a huge eclectic range of people, and with such diversity the city has a really lovely atmosphere. It's very rare to meet true locals who were born, and bred in the city, but there are many visitors to the city who end up liking the city so much that they end up staying, and becoming one of the city's adopted locals. Like me! ☺️

  • Kyra Is Great For

    Food & Drink, High-end travellers, LGBTQ, Off-the-beaten-path, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Young adults

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Hi. I have been a resident of Brighton for about five years and am a firm devotee of much that the city offers in terms of culture, outlook and innovation. I have a keen interest in local history and a large and wide-ranging interest in many of the arts including fine art, literature, cinema and music and can provide an excellent introduction to what makes Brighton so special and unique in these respects. I consider myself confident and sociable and also love the vibrant, exciting and cosmopolitan nightlife of the city, though I also enjoy running and spending time in the Sussex countryside. Above all, I enjoy discussion and getting to know new people and sharing opinions and experiences.

  • Steve Is Great For

    Food & Drink, Off-the-beaten-path, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Children and families

  • Languages


I am an energetic, outgoing Ugandan studying Business with Marketing at the University of Brighton. I've lived in England for the past 7 years, pursuing my swimming career. I love everything about Brighton because there's something for everyone, whether you're a massive foodie like me or enjoy soaking up a beautiful scenery. Whenever my friends come down to visit I try to take them to the loved spots in Brighton, and we always end the day with a warm bag of sugar doughnuts at the pier. If you want to explore the best of Brighton and experience the best the city has to offer, then I'm your local. I know all the food hotspots whether your vegan or simply just fancy a milkshake. I also know the alternative area of Brighton, The Lanes which is the heart of vintage shopping and holds several independent cafes, bakeries.

  • Jamila Is Great For

    Food & Drink

  • Languages


I am an Austrian-Egyptian local to Egypt and have been in Brighton for almost 2 years. Coming from such a different background and, I am extremely culturally diverse (I speak 3 languages). As a person, I'm very outgoing and have a positive attitude towards life in general. Through life, I've come to learn that projecting a good energy attracts good things to your life. Attitude really makes all the difference in perceiving the world. Whether you paint a difficult situation as a crisis or as an opportunity to grow and build character is all up to you. People tend to tell me that I am a very easy-going, down-to-earth guy and that they enjoy their conversations with me. I try to smile as often as I can. As for my talents: I'm a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist (which I am pursuing as a career through my ongoing BA in Digital Music & Sound Arts at the University of Brighton), I also paint as a hobby. Brighton is an incredible city that has so much diversity to offer to its people and tourists. One of the main reasons why I made this long journey over here from Egypt in the first place is its amazing music scene. There seem to be venues playing every style of music, not only focusing on the commercial genres. I would make a great CityUnscripted Local because I come from a very diverse background. I have an eye for what people are comfortable with and what a culture's taboos may be. I also speak 3 languages fluently, which will prove to be extremely useful in such a field of work. I'd imagine many travellers aren't the best at speaking English, and having a tour guide who speaks their native language will make fulfilling their wishes a much simpler task. I look forward to hearing back from you and cannot wait to start showing off this amazing city of ours.

  • Tarek Is Great For

    Food & Drink, Nightlife, Solo travellers

  • Languages

    English, Arabic, German

I know Brighton very well. Brighton is very nice city. We have beautiful beach and nice city centrum a parks. Very close is Seven sisters national park and Devil dyke, large hill close to Brighton.

  • Radek Is Great For

    Coming soon…

  • Languages

    English, Czech

Hi, I love public speaking which will help in this role! I have been here 4 years but haven't always worked full time so have seen as much as I can of Brighton and Hove. Being a restaurant reviewer for a Brighton website helped me get to the heart of the food scene here. I love life and fun and seeing new things. I think my passion will be infectious. People like me because am so happy: eating, drinking, listening to music, dancing, shopping, walking, whatever! That's me on the left of the pic, and that's not really Deadmaus...

  • Sam Is Great For

    Food & Drink

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