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  • You Perfect Local Is Great For

    Bar lovers, Budget travellers, Disabled travellers, First time visitors, Foodies, Halal food, High-end travellers, Hip / Trendy scene, LGBT scene, New residents, Off the beaten-path, Partying & clubbing, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Travellers with babies, Travellers with kids, Travellers with teenagers, Vegans, Vegetarians

  • Languages

    English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Italian, German, Dutch, Many Others

I’m 24 and originally I come from Bergamo, Italy. I’ve studied in Venice and Bologna, spent my Erasmus year here in Berlin and then came back to Italy to finish my studies. I have a bachelor’s degree in Film and Art Theory, and how I ended up working as a sales agent for a moving company I don’t even know. So here I am, full of all the positive energy I’ve accumulated while I was doing a job so far from my interests. You know that dreadful feeling of emptiness you have after you graduate? All I knew when I felt that way was that if I had come back to Berlin, everything would have been alright again. This city is like a hug; a trendy, sometimes dirty, but never intimidating hug. I love this place and I would love to introduce you to it, and find ways to make you appreciate its many faces. To me the experience of a city does not only consist of what you see with your eyes, but also (and sometimes especially) the food you eat, the drinks you have, the people you meet, and the places that, despite the distance, make you feel like home. This is what I want to share with you. I wasn‘t born here, but I’ve felt at home since the very beginning, and it would be such a pleasure to know I have contributed to make someone else feel that way.

  • Francesca Is Great For

    Budget travellers, First time visitors, Foodies, High-end travellers, Hip / Trendy scene, Solo travellers, Travellers with teenagers, Vegans, Vegetarians

  • Languages

    English, Italian, German

Berlin enthusiast Breandáin is a musician, broadcast journalist and writer. He has lived in Germany for over 20 years, performing and working as a radio producer and presenter for international media. Having produced a weekly arts magazine for Germany’s international broadcaster for 20 years, he has an indepth knowledge about the artistic happenings and venues in the German capital. But he also enjoys introducing all the must-see locations to visitors, as well offbeat places, like Tiergarten, with it’s lush forest and beer gardens, or Moabit, a captivating suburb rich in history, urbanscapes and cafés, and surrounded by water. And as a musician, Breandáin has insider tips about the local opera, classical and jazz music scenes.

  • Breandáin Is Great For

    Disabled travellers, First time visitors, High-end travellers, New residents, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Travellers with babies, Travellers with kids, Travellers with teenagers

  • Languages

    English, German

I am a musician and translator. I produced electronic music, film scores, made sound design as well as played in a jazz band. I am a history nerd and very interested in science and languages. I love the Berlin nightlife and know my way around the local club scene. I am an outgoing person with a passion for my city and its history and I have a great time teaching others about it. Whether you are interested in Berlin's history, want to check out some great music venues, want to see what the LGBT-scene is like or simply want to have a good time exploring bars and clubs - I can definitely show you around and make your stay unique and exciting!

  • Josa Is Great For

    Bar lovers, Budget travellers, First time visitors, LGBT scene, New residents, Off the beaten-path, Partying & clubbing, Solo travellers

  • Languages

    English, Japanese, German

What makes me unique is my international background. I am half German half Mexican. I was born in France and then moved to Berlin as a child since my mother is from there. My father is Mexican and lives in Los Angeles so I have spent a considerable amount of time in California. I also studied Biochemistry at the University of California San Diego. My background has allowed me to connect with all types of people from various cultures. I am extremely friendly and have a genuine interest in getting to know new and interesting people. My mother's family has been in Berlin since the 1600s and therefore I am very familiar with the city. Not only am I familiar, but absolutely in love. I have a lot of experience showing around friends from abroad and it brings me great pleasure to help them discover Berlin. My Instagram account regarding Berlin has over 35,000 followers within two years.

  • Marie-Constance Is Great For

    Budget travellers, First time visitors, High-end travellers, Hip / Trendy scene, Off the beaten-path, Solo travellers, Vegetarians

  • Languages

    English, German

Hi my name is Sammi, I am a half luxembourgish, half tunsesian illustrator. My friends say that I am a curious, open-minded, spontaneous travel-addict. Since my lovely family is scattered around the world, I have been lucky enough to experience several cultures, like american, french or spanish as a kid. I speak french, german, english and well yes, luxembourgish, all fluently. Communication is a strong point of mine. I travel a lot and I am an active member of coushsurfing. 4 years ago, I took a big life decision and left my country for Berlin, which became my true home in an instant. I fell in love with this magical inspirational city and its people. If you are interested in a local Berlin and all its little secret corners I will be the perfect Local for you. I enjoy good budget food, may it be market halls or restaurants. Second hand shops, sunday markets or outdoor activities, like visiting parks are part of my programm. Apart from these cultural activities I can also show you a part of Berlins classic nightlife, good parties, nice craft beer bars or cheap live music, there are always enough events to find the perfect one for you. Hope to see you soon.

  • Samiha Is Great For

    Budget travellers, Foodies, Bar lovers

  • Languages

    English, German

I love Berlin and have remained here because every time I leave, I am reminded why I live here and that always draws me back. Berlin truly is the greatest city to live in (in my opinion) because it really has something for everyone and is so diverse in its energies. I am 23 and lived in Bangkok until I was 19, so I can say that I did grow up in possibly one of the busiest, packed cities in the world. Of course city choices depend on the person. I am a filmmaker and dancer and study and train in both fields simultaneously. Whenever I can I like to join the two mediums together. What I very much enjoy, coincidentally, is introducing people to Berlin and showing them why I love Berlin, in hopes that they are able to experience the same magic I felt when I first got here. It makes me happy to leave people with a good impression of the place, and not only the mainstream tourist part but also the local parts.

  • Jessica Is Great For

    Budget travellers, First time visitors, High-end travellers, Hip / Trendy scene, LGBT scene, Off the beaten-path, Solo travellers, Vegans, Vegetarians

  • Languages

    English, Thai

I’m a 22 French young man. In France, I studied and worked as a social worker. Last year, I decide to move to Berlin. I wanted to live here since few years. There are many reasons that made me come here. First, I wanted to improve my English and my German. Berlin is an international city, a perfect place to learn both languages. Now my English is fluent and I’m currently learning German. Second, I choose Berlin for her historical and cultural background. Before I came, I already knew of lot of things about the city but I really fell in love with her the first day I arrived. I’m creative and imaginative. Berlin is a perfect place to express myself. I could try many jobs and many new experiences. I’m really interested by the underground culture: street art, techno, abandoned buildings. I discovered a brand new life style in Berlin. The LGBT scene is also very developed here, that explain why many people are so open minded. Now, I would like to stay here to study fashion design. For the moment, I’m enjoying life in Berlin.

  • Jonathan Is Great For

    Bar lovers, High-end travellers, Hip / Trendy scene, New residents, Off the beaten-path, Solo travellers

  • Languages

    English, French

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