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Berlin enthusiast Breandáin is a musician, broadcast journalist and writer. He has lived in Germany for over 20 years, performing and working as a radio producer and presenter for international media. Having produced a weekly arts magazine for Germany’s international broadcaster for 20 years, he has an indepth knowledge about the artistic happenings and venues in the German capital. But he also enjoys introducing all the must-see locations to visitors, as well offbeat places, like Tiergarten, with it’s lush forest and beer gardens, or Moabit, a captivating suburb rich in history, urbanscapes and cafés, and surrounded by water. And as a musician, Breandáin has insider tips about the local opera, classical and jazz music scenes.

  • Breandáin Is Great For

    Disabled travellers, First time visitors, High-end travellers, New residents, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Travellers with babies, Travellers with kids, Travellers with teenagers

  • Languages

    English, German

I originally come from Finland, but have been living in Berlin for 14 years. I landed here for a traineeship, but stayed because of love to Berlin - but also to a native Berliner. Now we are already four and living the exciting everyday life of two boys with tons of toy cars. I’m not a history freak, but Berlin’s past has so many layers, I got interested. The first-hand family stories of Eastern Berlin come alive by visiting the sites. If you want to see and hear more - then let’s go together! In Finland, I studied cultural anthropology and have an enthusiasm for languages and other cultures. That makes Berlin a place with lots of options for me: eating in a restaurant without a fork and a knife, visiting the Turkish market or maybe a museum. And when I feel that Finland is too far away, I buy a bag of salty licorice and dive in to Berlin’s Scandinavian atmosphere. Finnish is my native language, but no worries, fortunately I speak also German and English fluently.

  • Jenni Is Great For

    First time visitors, Foodies, New residents, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Travellers with kids

  • Languages

    English, German, Finnish

I am originally from Venezuela and have lived in the Caribbean, Spain and now Germany. I love the outdoors so protecting the environment is one of the main goals in my life which is why I am currently doing my PhD on sustainable water use at TU Berlin. This love for nature has also translated into a love for sports so I spend a lot of time bouldering, hiking through the forests that surround Berlin or biking; I enjoy taking people on my adventures and show them how beautiful our city is by bike and all the cool abandoned places there are to visit! I also play the Piano and Violin so I really like finding places with good music here in the city and free concerts! Last but not least, ever since I moved here and learned more about the city’s past I have been kind of obsessed with it and I truly like taking friends on walks and showing them how interesting this city is and all the different stages of evolution it has endured to be the great place it is now.

  • Cielo Is Great For

    Budget travellers, First time visitors, High-end travellers, New residents, Off the beaten-path, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Vegetarians

  • Languages

    English, Spanish

I chose this city for its freedom, its expression and peculiarity. I am happy to show you this, whichever path you want to walk with me. Be that an abandoned building from DDR, a lebanese lunch, or a vintage record shop, I am happy to get to know you and show you around. I work fon an ngo and try to be a musician. I love spending long days outside in Berlin with my bike. I love the feeling of being on holiday in my city.

  • Ivor Is Great For

    Budget travellers, First time visitors, Hip / Trendy scene, LGBT scene, Partying & clubbing, Solo travellers

  • Languages

    English, Italian, German, serbo-croatian

What makes me unique is my international background. I am half German half Mexican. I was born in France and then moved to Berlin as a child since my mother is from there. My father is Mexican and lives in Los Angeles so I have spent a considerable amount of time in California. I also studied Biochemistry at the University of California San Diego. My background has allowed me to connect with all types of people from various cultures. I am extremely friendly and have a genuine interest in getting to know new and interesting people. My mother's family has been in Berlin since the 1600s and therefore I am very familiar with the city. Not only am I familiar, but absolutely in love. I have a lot of experience showing around friends from abroad and it brings me great pleasure to help them discover Berlin. My Instagram account regarding Berlin has over 35,000 followers within two years.

  • Marie-Constance Is Great For

    Budget travellers, First time visitors, High-end travellers, Hip / Trendy scene, Off the beaten-path, Solo travellers, Vegetarians

  • Languages

    English, German

I’m a 22 French young man. In France, I studied and worked as a social worker. Last year, I decide to move to Berlin. I wanted to live here since few years. There are many reasons that made me come here. First, I wanted to improve my English and my German. Berlin is an international city, a perfect place to learn both languages. Now my English is fluent and I’m currently learning German. Second, I choose Berlin for her historical and cultural background. Before I came, I already knew of lot of things about the city but I really fell in love with her the first day I arrived. I’m creative and imaginative. Berlin is a perfect place to express myself. I could try many jobs and many new experiences. I’m really interested by the underground culture: street art, techno, abandoned buildings. I discovered a brand new life style in Berlin. The LGBT scene is also very developed here, that explain why many people are so open minded. Now, I would like to stay here to study fashion design. For the moment, I’m enjoying life in Berlin.

  • Jonathan Is Great For

    Bar lovers, High-end travellers, Hip / Trendy scene, New residents, Off the beaten-path, Solo travellers

  • Languages

    English, French

Hi there! I'mJen. I write and translate things. I'm German-American and moved to Berlin 2 years ago from Seattle. I'd love to show you all the best cafes, restaurants, food stands, markets, bars, parks and shops Kreuzberg has to offer - anything from vintage clothing, to wine & cheese, to used books, to specialty buttons, to typewriters and records! I love riding my bike, hanging out the many parks here or checking out some kind of art or music. And when the night hits - I dance - be it tango or techno! Let me help you fall in love with Berlin too!

  • Jennifer Is Great For

    Bar lovers, Budget travellers, First time visitors, Foodies, High-end travellers, New residents, Partying & clubbing, Solo travellers, Vegetarians

  • Languages

    English, German

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