Hi, I’m Alexandre


Hi, I’m Alexandre

I’ve lived in Brussels for 15 years

I speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch

I am a Student

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I'm Alexandre: a guy loving life, people, and my culture! My roots are in this paradise named Brussels. The city has so much to offer on a relatively small surface and i'm still, after all these years, fascinated by the diversity of it. Brussels talks to me through its food-scene influenced by cultures around the world, and by its charming streets that lead you to the little gems, like those beautiful natural parks everywhere in the city and the beautiful art paintings all over the walls of our buildings. As the centre of Europe, it's the best travel-choice to make if you are looking for a destination that will stimulate your curiosity and leave you with the affirmation of "i'll come back". The 184 different nationalities settled here gave me the opportunity to learn many languages to add to my native languages French and Dutch. I'd be happy to share stories with you in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Can't wait to show you around this vibrant city!

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation High Schools of Management and Tourism
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